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Terms of Use

The terms of use page sets the rules for using your website. Again, these are not required by law, but every website should have a terms of use. These terms are intended to be a contract that governs the relationship between the website owner and each website user. Terms of use can vary drastically, depending on what information is on your website and what website functions are offered.

For example, if your website has social networking elements or content contributed by users, you may want to include a disclaimer that states each person is responsible for the content that they contribute or post and that you do not review, endorse, or approve of their content. In addition, you may want to reserve the right to remove content that is offensive.

If you are providing your own content, you may want to let your users know that, while they have a license to view your content, they may not reproduce it, distribute it, or otherwise use the content in any other way without your prior written consent. A terms of use policy serves to benefit you because it sets forth conditions of use, various disclaimers, and other language protecting you as the website operator or owner. The terms of use will be the contractual relationship between you and a user should a dispute arise.

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